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Virginia Ethernet is the most reliable in the area.  When it comes to an internet connection that won’t let you down, you must use our metro Ethernet.  We can configure speeds anywhere from 5Mpbs to 1000Mbps.  Therefore, we can serve small businesses just as much as the largest businesses.  And when you need more bandwidth, just let us know. Our services are completely scalable which means that in a few hours we will make the adjustments so that you have more bandwidth.  Also, our average latency is less than 2 milliseconds.  Can your DSL do that?

You will also benefit from connecting to all of your offices within the same area as if you were all in the same building.  Many of our customers have benefitted greatly since using our Virginia Ethernet.  They are able to communicate more quickly with clients and converge all of their tools onto one seamless network.  Businesses also reduce their IT costs greatly being able to converge their Data, voice and video onto one network and are able to do more in one work day which turns into major profits.

You no longer have to create security risks by working on a shared network.  Keep all of your business and client information confidential and protected when you use Virginia Ethernet.  We offer you solid benefits that can’t be beaten with our prices.  Contact us today to learn more about Virginia Ethernet and to receive an instant metro Ethernet quote.

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